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Composite decking Worthing

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Only picked the hottest 2 weeks of the year to lay this composite decking !!! My clients had this extension built earlier this year and wanted to extend the current sitting area out side the patio doors.

We needed to build past the new French doors but stay within the new buildings shape, which we did whilst staying within tolerances allowed for steps.

The timbers as I laid them were given a coat of DPM paint to extend their life span, due to the extreme temperature though it never fully cured whilst exposed which meant myself and my tools ( which I keep exceptionally clean ) got covered in black Paint !!!!

All the supporting posts were sunk into the ground using postcrete and also painted in black DPM paint.

Having not used composite before I was careful to read all the guide lines from the supplier about expansion gaps and using hidden fixings which were great the only downside I thought was that when fixing boards vertically there not much choice but to screw through the face of them, I kept them uniform but can't help but think they need a better solution for this.

The clients were really happy with the outcome especially as week managed to utilise an old glass balustrade to act as a barrier on the end.

the back of a house with new extension and composite decking

new composite decking built to finish down onto new lawn

a glass balustrade built on top of new composite decking

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