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Stair case renovation

This stair case revamp was a return to repeat clients where Ive completed a few projects from wall panelling, wardrobes and general carpentry.

The stairs had been neglected for a few years and were in need of a new look, we looked at different options including oak spindles and using oak veneer instead of mdf and pine.

Deciding that the budget wouldn't stretch to oak we agreed on mdf and pine spindles and handrail. I kept the original posts in place but put all new fixings down into the sub floor. I then clad each post with mdf mitring the corners to give it a seamless look.

At the top of the stairs we needed a new post to take the handrail as there wasn't a previous one, attaching a new post to the wall I then cladded this to match the others.

I matched the beading from the wall panelling installed earlier in the year and added to the newell posts as a small feature.

A top balustrade with new handrail and clad in mdf

downstairs view of new staircase furniture

new handrail and spindles made from pine

newell post clad in mdf with new pine handrail

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